Child, Adolescent & Family Services

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and therapeutic environment within the community that allows children and adolescents to learn and develop the life skills necessary to return to their families and become productive members of the community. Our youth should have the opportunity to “inherit tomorrow” by developing the skills necessary to function in a family environment and independently in the community.

Medication Management
The purpose of medication management services is to allow the individuals who participate to benefit from medication treatments while seeking to eliminate potential harm that can come from the use of medications.

The general scope of medication services provided includes:

  • Storage of medications either at Genoa, our on-site pharmacy, or within residential program facilities
  • Prescribing of medications by medical staff
  • Dispensing of medications by Genoa or a community pharmacy
  • Monitoring of clients as they self-administer their medications
  • Administration of injectable medications by medical staff


Outpatient Services
No one is surprised to hear that the period of adolescence is tough on a young person, their friends, teachers and family. Some days things are going well, but suddenly and without warning, the mood and behavior swings to the worse. It used to be assumed that adolescence ended after teenage years, and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. Recent research suggests, however, that the adolescence period ends at about age 25.

The outpatient services provided for children and adolescents cover a wide array of topics such as:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bullying issues
  • Adjustment to life/family changes
  • Grief and loss
  • Moving to a new area
  • Self-harm
  • Eating disorders


System of Care & Wraparound
A System of Care is a coordinated network of community-based services and supports that are organized to meet the challenges faced by youth with serious mental illness needs and their families. A System of Care is not limited to traditional mental health services, and the goal is to “wrap services around the family.”

In 2011, Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. received a two year grant from the Division of Mental Health and Addictions to develop a System of Care (SOC) to serve children in Vanderburgh, Gibson, Posey and Warrick Counties. The purpose of the initial grant was to establish an inter-agency collaboration, referred to as a SOC, which will coordinate services for families who have children experiencing serious emotional disturbances. Services will include, but are not limited to, High Fidelity Wraparound.


F.A.C.E.S is our local System of Care organization. Currently, the council consists of representatives from mental health services, healthcare, child welfare, juvenile
justice, education, Department of Child Services (DCS), social services, childcare providers, parents, the private sector and other child-serving entities.

Successful Systems of Care provide positive outcomes for children/youth including significant improvements in school performance, and a decrease in suspensions, expulsions, suicide attempts, arrest rates, placement changes, and PTSD symptoms.

Our Mission: “Families and communities collaborating to establish partnerships which enhance our children’s social and emotional health thereby improving the entire
community’s quality of life.”

Our Vision: Children with extraordinary needs will be able to remain in a home setting by increasing the family and child’s ability to meet needs independently.

What Is High Fidelity Wraparound?

Wraparound is a team-based planning process intended to provide coordinated, complete, family-driven care that meets the complex needs of youth who are involved with multiple “systems”. Systems include mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice and special education. Wraparound services create change and build upon family assets.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Wraparound is for families of children who are diagnosed with serious mental illness who are looking for support.
  • Traditional services have not been effective.
  • Must be a resident of Gibson, Posey, Warrick, or Vanderburgh County.
  • Child must be under 18 or still in high school.
  • Involved with two “systems”.
  • At risk of out of home placement.
  • Family is willing to participate in the Wraparound process.

What Can the Family Expect?

Families can expect to meet with a Wraparound Facilitator who will explain the Wraparound process. Families will be expected to identify the family’s needs, strengths, and goals. They will identify team members and participate in regular Child and Family Team Meetings. As an added benefit, there is a new C.O.R.E. Resource Room available for the community at the Downtown Evansville YMCA that is packed full of information on agencies and their services. Contact Sean at 423-9622.

Referral Process

A family member, service provider, community member or parent can refer a child for services. Once the referral is completed and submitted, additional assessments will be administered. The information will be reviewed by a collaborative team and the family will be accepted into the program or referred to other services.

Referrals can be submitted by contacting the access line at 812.436.4279. Click here to begin the referral process.