Mulberry is a not-for-profit corporation providing individual, marital, family, and addictions therapy to those who live in the Tri-State area. And, as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider to local companies, we extend these therapy services to thousands through their employment benefits. We are committed to assisting patients in developing strategies to more effectively address their problems in a confidential environment.

Admission and Fees
Entering outpatient counseling is easy. Admission is voluntary except for those occasions when an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) company mandates an employee seek services due to a work site performance issues. Appropriateness for outpatient counseling services is determined during a mental health assessment.

Patients must have a health insurance plan in which Mulberry is a covered provider or must be referred by an EAP company in which we have a contract arrangement. We participate in most of the major insurance plans. For those patients without sufficient insurance coverage, we are available to work out a payment agreement through our business office. Patients are responsible for payment of services not covered by their health insurance plan, including their co-pay.

We do require some payment either in part or in full each time services are rendered. If an arrangement cannot be worked out, we will assist in a referral to another mental health provider.

Questions regarding payment plan, insurance coverage, or billings can be directed to our business office representative at 812.421.2602.

Board of Directors
Chairman: Caren Whitehouse
Vice Chairman: Bonnie Rinks
Treasurer: Joe Hardesty
Secretary: Kendra Vanzo

Barb Butler
Steve Schmitt

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In 2003, Mulberry Center, Inc. was established to maintain community-based mental health services. By increasing treatment resources in our community, Evansville area families and employers benefit from our ability to provide rapid access to treatment.

Mulberry has roots back to 1985 when Welborn Hospital operated a psychiatric facility and operated as Mulberry. Welborn Hospital eventually sold parts of thier downtown campus facility, which included Mulberry, to St. Mary’s Medical Center. In 2003, Southwestern purchased property from St. Mary’s, which included Mulberry and re-established the quality services that had been provided by the original Mulberry through the years. The majority of clinical staff at Mulberry today served patients at the original Mulberry Center.

This veteran team of clinicians is committed to our general mission of providing Solutions For Life for our patients. Our commitment is to uphold a standard of excellence that has always been associated with the name, Mulberry Center.

The mission of Mulberry Center, Inc. is to help individuals, couples and families work through concerns that cause mental health and substance abuse issues by developing strategies to effectively implement solutions for life within a safe, supportive and confidential treatment environment.
Our professional staff has extensive experience in the field of behavioral health. Click a name below to learn more.

Amy Strobel, LCSW

James C. Macke, MD

Jayme Treviño, LCSW
Child and Adult Therapist

Julie Wood, MD

Marcia Hires, LCSW, LCAC

Mike Musgrave, LCSW, LCAC

Robert Stephens, LCSW