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Outpatient Programs/Matrix

Outpatient Programs/MatrixMatrix is a structured intensive outpatient group that focuses on the development of early recovery skills, relapse prevention skills, family programming, and social support. This program starts as three times a week group and is offered during both morning and evening hours.Other Outpatient Services include [...]


Recovery Support for Family

Recovery Support for FamilyAlanon meetings are strongly encouraged for family members. They are free and open to whoever would like to attend. The following meetings are held at Stepping Stone: Fridays 12:00p                 Outpatient Entrance, Room 236 Other Alanon [...]


Family Programs

Family ProgramsResidential family programming begins the first weekend and consists of several weekend family education groups. As a family member or significant other, weekly attendance of the Family Education program is encouraged. Involvement of family and significant others throughout treatment is essential. In order to visit [...]


QPR Training

QPR Training In 2009, the suicide statistics for Vanderburgh County, Indiana were astounding. The number of suicides reached an all time high of 49 occurring during this year. In an effort to create awareness of suicide prevention, Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. hosts, free to our community, [...]


Residential Programs

Residential Programs Our Residential program provides structured programming utilizing the best evidence-based practices while staying in a safe, supportive environment. Those in the residential program stay between 3-4 weeks and attend all programming daily from 7:00 am until 9:30pm. Residents have daily contact with their [...]



AcuDetox Acudetox is a specialized acupuncture protocol that is a simple gentle placement of five small, sterilized disposable pins in specific sites on each ear. Clients sit quietly in a group setting for up to 30-45 minutes during pin placement.  Acudetox has been proven to [...]

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