Integrated Care Projects

Our Integrated Care Entity combines limited primary health care and mental health care in one setting. There are many ways to integrate care, and they may go by different names, including “Collaborative Care” or “Health Homes.” This is an important model of care because:

  • Primary care settings, like a doctor’s office, provide about half of all mental health care for common psychiatric disorders
  • Adults with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders also have higher rates of chronic physical illnesses and die earlier than the general population
  • People with common physical health conditions also have higher rates of mental health issues.

Providing Integrated Care helps patients and their providers. It blends the expertise of mental health, substance use, and primary care clinicians, with feedback from patients and their caregivers. This creates a team-based approach where mental health care and general medical

care are offered in the same setting. Coordinating primary care and mental health care in this way can help address the physical health problems of people with serious mental illnesses.

Foot Clinic – Levell Center

The Southwestern Healthcare, Inc team have embraced the idea of integrated healthcare and with that have noted a large need when it comes to foot care for our clients. The fact is that many acute and chronic health conditions are accompanied by issues in the lower legs and/or feet. The solution to the need is a clinic dedicated to preventing issues, monitoring issues, and/or aiding with addressing current issues related to the lower legs and/or feet.

The purpose of the foot clinic is to provide clients with:

  • Assessment of current lower leg and/or feet status.
  • Provide general footcare measures such as nail clipping, etc.
  • Assisting clients with monitoring minor issues that do not call for more intensive treatment.
  • Provide referrals when needed

Educate clients on proper foot hygiene and care measures considering relevant health issues.