Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare started the first Jail Based Competency Restoration (JBCR) Program in the State of Indiana. JBCR is an initiative being piloted at the Vanderburgh County Jail, and includes collaboration between Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, the Vanderburgh County Courts and Jail, Evansville State Hospital, and the Indiana Department of Mental Health and Addictions.  JBCR allows Southwestern staff the opportunity to provide direct services to individuals in the jail who have been determined to be psychologically unable (“incompetent”) to participate in their own defense.  In the past, these persons would remain in the jail, and without treatment, while awaiting transfer to a State Psychiatric Hospital where treatment would be started.  With the JBCR Program, treatment is initiated in the jail setting with the intent being a person’s competency will be restored prior to ever needing to go to a State Hospital.  Services include a Clinical Evaluation, Psychiatric Evaluation with Medication Management, and Legal Education training.