Leadership and Board Members

Leadership Team

Katy Adams, LCSW
President and CEO

Shannon Jones, MD
Medical Director

Elizabeth Arnold, LCSW
Director, Adult Services

Cedalia Ellis, LCSW, MSW
Director of Community Support Services

Elizabeth Fallen, LCSW
Director of Child and Family Services

Kevin Groves, LCSW, LAC
Director, Addiction Services

Lisa Withrow, LCSW, LCAC
Director of Innovative Practices

Board of Directors

Diane Arneson

Roxanne Berendes

Beverly Corn VanHaaften

Marsha DeSchamp

Heather Hertel

Keith Omer

Bonnie Rinks

Gary Schutte

David Shaw

Jan Stamps

Rose Young

Ann White

Rob Shelby

Leadership Team Values 

The Leadership Team is committed to Southwestern’s mission, and, as such, we will lead Southwestern by the following values:

Place value on diverse backgrounds and abilities by recognizing and appreciating differences which include honoring individual points of view
Promote dignity for community, staff, and patients
Demonstrate regard for persons and Southwestern property

Honesty and Integrity
Commit to the highest level of ethical conduct
Deal with everyone in a fair and trustful manner
Foster an open environment in which communication is truthful and sincere

Honor collaboration and cooperation to achieve common goals
Recognize that every employee is an integral part of the team as we support and encourage one another
Maintain unity in success and failure

Positive Work Environment
Demonstrate an attitude of optimism, fairness, and openness to change
Reward employees for participation and innovation through recognition, appreciation, and celebration
Recognize and encourage a balance between work and personal life

Commitment to the Future
Commit to quality, excellence, competence, and continuous improvement
Manage all resources effectively and efficiently
Commit to strategic planning that is focused yet flexible