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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does it cost?
A: At Stepping Stone we do not turn anyone away due to inability to pay. We work on a sliding fee scale based on your income and your number of dependents. If you do not have health insurance, we will help you apply for coverage.

Q: How long are your programs?
A: The program length depends on the treatment that is needed for the individual. That will be determined once a person comes in for an initial assessment.

Q: Do you only provide service for substance addiction?
A: Stepping Stone is an addictions treatment facility. We help those with many different addictions, including alcohol/drugs as well as other addictions that are not related to substances, such as gambling and sex addiction.

Q: As a parent, can I make my child go to treatment?
A: If your child is over the age of 18 you cannot force them into treatment. If they are under the age of 18 please visit our children’s services for more information.  Also, please consider our CRAFT program for concerned significant others of those in active addiction.

Q: Do you have to be an Indiana Resident to get help?
A: Due to our funding from the state of Indiana, our priority is to serve residents of Indiana. However, there may be some circumstances that will allow us to serve others from another state. If we cannot serve you due to your residency, we are happy to assist in finding another provider.

Q: What do I bring for residential treatment?
A: Please see a list of what can and cannot be brought to Stepping Stone by clicking here.