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What to Expect on Your First Outpatient Visit

When you arrive for your first visit in outpatient, we have a few steps for you to complete prior to meeting a therapist.

Step 1: We have computers in our lobby (like a kiosk) where you will enter in your health information and other information that we need to know that will help us understand why you are here.

Step 2: Our support staff will then meet with you privately to review standard forms and have you sign them, if you agree. We require you to sign a consent to treat you (gives us permission to see you) and we will also offer you a copy of our privacy practices. If there are people you would like involved in your treatment, or have us share information with, we will also have you sign a Release of Information to give us permission to do so.

Step 3: If you do not have insurance, we can help! We can apply for Presumptive Eligibility for Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), and if you are approved, your insurance starts immediately. You will then have approximately 30-60 days to complete the full application for HIP. We do have an insurance navigator that can assist you with this

Step 4: You will see a therapist with a Masters Degree in Social Work that specializes in Addictions and Mental Health. They will review your information provided and will work with you to develop a plan for treatment.

This first appointment is to discuss what problems you have been having and develop a plan for treatment. Future appointments will be scheduled at that visit after you agree on a plan. This first visit will not involve seeing a physician.