Student Placements

Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. is dedicated to providing learning and training opportunities for students in mental health related fields. Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. offers student placements to students who are attending an accredited school and a program that provides education relevant to Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. placement.

Typically, a student placement will be of at least several weeks duration (usually a full semester or more) and will involve intervention with patients. Students are supervised by staff members as well as managers. Students undergo evaluations during and at the conclusion of the placement. If, at any point during the placement, Southwestern Healthcare, Inc. believes that the student is performing in a manner that is unprofessional or in some way potentially harmful to patients, the student is temporarily suspended and could be terminated from the placement.

Students and/or university representatives who wish to place students at Southwestern must contact Southwestern Healthcare, Inc.’s Human Resources department. Student placement opportunities are dependent on the appropriateness of the placement request, the availability of adequate supervisory resources and acceptance of the student as qualified.

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