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Diverse Kindergarten



To contact our access site please call (812) 436-4279. The Children’s Mental Health Initiative is designed to help families who are caring for a child, between 6-17 years old, who is diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses. The Initiative’s objective is to allow families access to an array of services, without having to enter into the welfare or probation system. This new program gets mental health services to children who do not qualify for Medicaid, and for those whose private insurance’s coverage falls short. This initiative also aims to make it easier to find and receive the right type of care.


To contact our access site please call (812) 436-4279. The Child Mental Health Wraparound is for children between the age of 6-17 who have been diagnosed with two or more Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and qualify for Indiana Medicaid. This initiative helps parents find home and community-based services built upon the child and family’s needs.

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