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How The Home/Community Based Program Works

Home-based services are intended to provide short-term, intensive in-home services to assess current family functioning and risk levels to facilitate family reunification, maintain family preservation, and/or maximize healthy family relationships. Together we identify individual and family strengths and create a plan of services which will meet the needs of the family.

Home-Based Family Centered Therapy

Home-based family centered therapy is provided to those families in need of interventions in their own environment to help promote healthy functioning on an individual basis and as a family unit. The home-based therapy model focuses on the relationships of the family to ensure there are proper attachments, parenting skills, youth development, family functioning, and positive supports. This approach focuses on being person-centered and involves the family in their treatment goals and planning process. The therapist helps work through any crisis or trauma the family may have experienced and helps them identify ways to heal and prosper individually and as a family.

Case Management

Skills Development Specialists and therapists offer case management services to families and individuals in need of resources and links them to services offered in the community. Case management is provided to identify service needs, encourage progress, and ensure coordinated care that produces meaningful outcomes for children and families.

Skills Training

Skills training is provided to assist in teaching and enhancing skills including parenting skills, social skills, expression of feelings, communication skills, time-management, etc. Skills training works to promote healthy functioning in every day life activities: school, work, home, community, etc.

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