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Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare’s nursing team strives to aid each client in managing all aspects of their mental and physical health. Treating the whole client by integrating healthcare allows the nursing team, in collaboration with other team members, to ensure that the client is living their best life. To aid the client in their journey, our nursing team provides a plethora of services (listed below) and continues to add to the list as needs are evidenced.

Services Currently Provided:

  • Obtainment of vital signs

  • Assessments of mental and/or physical needs

  • Screenings

  • Treatments

  • Referrals based on needs

  • Collaboration with providers to ensure continuity of care

  • Education and counseling

  • Medication training and/or support

  • Routine monitoring of acute and/or chronic conditions

  • Administration of medications such as injections

  • Advocation for the client

If there is a need that you or a loved one have, please contact us at (812) 423-7791 and every effort will be made to ensure the need is addressed.

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