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I Am A Family Member

Watching a family member struggle with addiction, day after day, can be very frustrating, saddening and discouraging. Getting help for a loved one with an addiction, and for yourself, is the best thing you can do for them, along with providing support and understanding. At Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, we believe families play a vital role in our patient’s recovery. We ask families to come and be a part of the treatment and their continued journey of sober living after treatment. To get started on getting your family help, give us a call at (812) 473-3144.


I May Need Services

Do you feel like you’re not control of your life and your addiction is ruining it? You’ve made the first step to taking control and moving forward just by coming to our website. Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare is here, we will help you reach sobriety and maintain it by offering you continued support and education. You are not alone, and this is not something you cannot overcome. Please review our resources to learn more about treatment, recovery meetings you can attend, and how we can help. When you are ready, give us a call at (812) 473-3144.


I Am A Concerned Community Member

Addiction is highly publicized and a predominant problem in our communities. We are concerned too. Please consider attending one of our forums, reading through our resource page, or attend a recovery meeting to learn more. If you know someone who you’d like to help, consider going to Al-Anon, or calling us about our family programs.

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