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Not knowing what to expect on your first visit is normal. Our goal is to help you easily understand what you’ll need to make your first and every visit the most beneficial to you. We’re glad you chose us, now let’s get started.

The biggest difference you will find here is that your first appointment will be an assessment. This is a time of exploring what is currently happening and what services are available to you. The following topics below are questions that we’ve been frequently asked and may help you.

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This page is NOT for emergency appointments. If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please call (812) 423-7791.


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What to Expect

All individuals seeking treatment services will receive an initial assessment of their needs and Southwestern’s ability to serve those needs. The goals for the intake assessment include; screening for any serious, life-threatening problems; determining the need for treatment and the level of care required; evaluating for impairments which could affect further assessment/treatment; obtaining enough information to develop a preliminary diagnosis, treatment plan, and treatment goals.

The intake process consists of completing a personal information form, a short interview with one of our skilled clinical staff, completion of a mental health scan and a functional assessment.

What to expect
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