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About Us

Fore more than 30 years, Stepping Stone has specialized in treating addictions. We offer services to help those who are struggling with addictions of any kind.

We offer residential, transitional residential, outpatient services and continuing support for those in recovery as well as support and education for family members.

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Treatment Philosophy

The foundation of all our programs is the belief that individuals suffering from substance use disorders are best served by a collaborative plan of treatment that aims to stop problematic substance use while building effective coping skills geared at preventing a return to using substances. 


An Addiction Medicine provider is part of our treatment team to address any co-occurring issues and/or medication needs one may have.  In general, we do not recommend addictive, mind-altering medications which tend to jeopardize one’s recovery, as we strive for the best possible outcomes for those who entrust us with their care.


Our programs can assist individuals into a life of recovery free of all problematic substance use.  We frequently use non-addictive medications to assist our clients with detoxification, treatment of mood disorders, cravings and relapse prevention.  We do accept clients who are prescribed MAT from external providers.  Our team will strive to collaborate with your provider to ensure your immediate treatment needs are met while in our care.


Addiction Services Brochure

In 2023, we launched our new Addiction Services brochure which takes a more comprehensive approach to providing you an overview of all the addiction services we offer in each of our four counties. Feel free to download, print and share this important provider information. Together we can improve the lives of those in our community.

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