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Continuing Your Journey

It’s easy to lose focus and fall back into old habits. At Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare we recognize that recovery is a life-long journey, we like to maintain contact with our alumni after they graduate treatment through a variety of opportunities. Before you leave our care, we connect you with the people, support groups and resources that are vital to your ongoing recovery. Your aftercare plan is specially tailored to your unique needs, so you can have your best chance at sober living.   

In the event of relapse, please contact us as soon as possible. Relapse can be used as a learning experience, not a failure. We will celebrate what worked well during your time of sobriety, and help you discover what didn’t work well. Re-engage in your recovery community and contact us to help you create a new relapse prevention plan

Remember, relapse is not unique to addiction. It is part of the human experience. The key is that we interrupt that relapse and reach out for help to get back on track.

Stay Connected to Stay Sober

Please visit our Facebook page to stay up to date on our events and any other local addiction events.

"I was totally unaware of how encompassing this program is. Stepping Stone is an amazing program. I am so grateful for the wonderful staff and therapists as well as the curriculum. If ever there's a safe place to begin recovery, by far, Stepping Stone is it."

"When I first got here, I didn't want to be here, was in my head for the first four days in detox about how I could leave. I'm so glad I didn't. Staying here, getting clean, is the best thing I ever did. This is an amazing place."

"Stepping Stone and its staff are the very definition of love. I came in here so lost and was greeted with open arms by all. You showed me a way, you showed me hope and gave me a piece of mind. That's something I thought was lost forever. I am eternally grateful! Thank you!"

"Thank you all so much! From the bottom of my heart, I needed and wanted help so much. You all are so wonderful and loving, kind and gently. You helped me through my worst times in life and loved me through the pain and encouraged me to stay strong and have hope. Much love and apprecition."

"Thank you for your help with my recovery. I will always remember the tools I learned here. Stepping Stone made me a much better person. I learned so much about myself. Thank you again!"

"Stepping Stone saved my life!"